In 2017, FoJDCM will continue to grow as an organization while promoting the important role of the Juneau-Douglas City Museum within our community. Serving as the collective conscience of Juneau, the Museum’s vitality is critical to the preservation of our shared culture. Driven by our mission, the following goals were identified to guide FoJDCM initiatives:

  • Participate in the successful passage of SB7, legislation similar to the Library Construction, Expansion, and Major Renovation Matching Grant Program established in 2008 (Section 2 AS 14.56.335). Museums Alaska and other partner museums are seeking a similar partnership with the State of Alaska to develop fiscally sound solutions to address one-time funding of capital project needs to best preserve our cultural institutions and public trust collections when funding is available. Read the 2015 Museums Alaska Fly-In Economic Flyer here. Read the 2017 Museums Alaska Issue Brief  for SB7 & HB166 here.
  • Continue to sponsor Volunteer coffee & tea and City Museum receptions
  • Continue to sponsor paperless e-flyers through Constant Contact
  • Annual fundraising goal of $5000
  • Grow the membership base of the Friends group
  • Develop and enhance alliances with other history and cultural groups in fulfilling our mission
  • Expand annual event offerings.

Thank you for taking an interest in our guiding framework.  We are always looking for individuals and organizations interested in collaborative efforts aligning with our mission to support, protect and promote the Juneau-Douglas City Museum.